Educating Your Child

Education 2 You is a Company of qualified teachers offering private tutoring sessions as well as providing parents with practical advice and resources to help your child maximise their educational potential.

Teaching Resources

Education 2 You equips parents withthe same learning aids that are used by teachers in the classroom. In addition to learning aids, both workshops and advice sessions will be available to parents. Education 2 You will help you to maximise your child’s educational potential.

Private Home Tutoring

Education 2 You provides tutoring specialising Maths and English (although other subjects are available, please see our drop down menu). Our tutors are qualified teachers currently teaching in schools and colleges with CRB clearance.

We specialise in meeting the individual child’s needs and identifying their best learning style for optimum results. Unlike other tutoring organisations, we are in the classroom and can see the difficulties children have on a day to day basis and understand how to help and assist them.

In classes of up to 30 pupils, it can be difficult for the class teacher to give that individual the attention that is often so needed. Children can often lack the confidence to ask for help in front of their peers and the teacher often identifies the child’s difficulties only when marking their work at the end of the day  At the start of the next lesson, teachers will build in time for corrections and to clarify any misunderstandings but, because of time restraints to move on with the next topic, some children that require extra help are left behind.

Why Are We Different?

As mentioned, we are qualified teachers with extensive experience working with students from Nursery up to A-level.  We offer a holistic approach to teaching because we know that when it comes to learning, a “one size fits all” does not always produce the best results.  That’s why our teaching methods are influenced by your child’s needs. We understand the importance of on-going communication with you and regularly inform you of your child’s progress and offer guidance regarding the next steps.

Our teachers, having taught in educational institutions, are well versed in following the National Curriculum and have proven track records in maximising your child’s potential. We have in-depth subject knowledge as well as how to teach that knowledge effectively to the student.  

Interested? Find out more on our “Private Tutoring” page.


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